Best Inflatable Dildos of 2019 | Buyer’s Guide | Rated and Reviewed

Whether you want an inflatable dildo to dabble in larger sizes, assisting muscle control, or spicing things up in the bedroom - inflatable dildos have the potential to be your new BFF.

Since all of them are not created equal, let's take a look at some of the top rated and reviewed inflatable dildos.

Comparison Chart of the Best Inflatable Dildos

What is an Inflatable Dildo?

An inflatable dildo is an extremely versatile sex toy that can be used both vaginally or rectally (though we do advise to have two assigned toys for each orifice - if you choose to partake in double the fun).

They are frequently used by individuals who want to experience a "full" sensation, in preparation for the insertion of a larger than usual dick or toy, and as a low-risk exercise device.

When inflated, they are identical to any other artificial cock and can also be used as such.

Who doesn't love inflatable dildos?1

How to Use an Inflatable Dildo

You may be wondering how an inflatable dildo works.

The process may be slightly different depending on where you are inserting it and what your desire with it is, but here are the basics:

  1. Apply lube
  2. Insert dildo gently into your desired destination
  3. Begin slowly pumping the inflatable dildo to preferred size using the attached hand pump
  4. When you are done, follow the directions to your specific inflatable dildo to deflate it.
  5. Wash and clean correctly to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness

Review of the Best Inflatable Dildos

Below is our review on the best inflatable dildos currently on the market.

We're going to cover the main features of each model then dive into the pros and cons shared among recent customers. Let's begin!

1. Ram 12 Inch Inflatable Dildo

The Ram 12 Inch Inflatable Dildo has a name which says it all…this one truly is a monster.

It is one of the longest out there on the market, and is easily inflated either inside or outside of the vagina to accomplish maximum length and pleasure.

You will certainly be stretch to your limit when playing with this dildo.


  • Unisex
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality material
  • Does not feel rubbery
  • Strong and firm when fully inflated
  • Valve is easy to operate, especially if you need to deflate the dildo quickly
  • Lasts for a long time and through many uses – does not spring leaks easily


  • Size is massive and can be too much for some when fully inflated.
  • Pump at the end detaches easily so some patience is required.
  • Smells slightly like chemicals.

Bottom Line

The Ram 12 Inch Inflatable Dildo is an excellent time for those with some experience with inflatable toys.

It may be too much for first time users, as its length is quite intimidating.

The Tom Of Finland Tom's Inflatable 12.75 Inch Silicone Dildo is a great option for the more experienced user looking for a challenge. 

The squeeze bulb is easy to use, with a pressure valve that keeps the air in when you want it, but quickly releases it as soon as you have had enough. The bulb can also be removed and replaced with a hand pump of your choice. 

Measurement of the uninflated, dildo is 12.75 inches in total length, 10 inches insertable, 3 inches at widest insertable diameter. The inflated, dildo is 13.25 inches in total length, 10 inches insertable, 4 inches at widest point. 


  • Flexible
  • High quality
  • Body safe non-porous silicone maerials
  • Thick material, difficult to pop
  • Realistic veins and lifelike appearance
  • Good for both vaginal and anal stimulation
  • Lightweight and discreet, easily stored and transported
  • Connecting pump makes this toy great for both individual and partner play


  • Needs to be washed before first use
  • Gets dirty easily because of the silicone material
  • Inflation can sometimes be cumbersome

Bottom Line

The Tom Of Finland Tom's Inflatable 12.75 Inch Silicone Dildo is a great time for anyone who loves a lot of size, whether you’re interested in anal or vaginal stimulation, solo use or couple’s play.

The silicone  material attracts dirt and dust, so you are going to want to make sure you clean this toy quite often, but the pleasure it creates will make it all worth it.

3. Inflatable Vibrating G-Spot Pleaser 6-Inch

The Inflatable Vibrating G-Spot Pleaser is a smaller option, but it packs a punch in its vibration capabilities.

It comes in a eye catching purple color and is particularly fun for use with partner play.


  • Strong vibrations, enough so that when using during double penetration, the partner can feel the vibrations as well
  • Fun bright purple color
  • Variable vibration speeds
  • Deflates quickly and easily


  • Rubbery smell
  • Once inflated, vibrations are not enough for some users when it comes to G-spot stimulation
  • Requires a lot of lube

Bottom Line

The Inflatable Vibrating G-Spot Pleaser is a great time for anyone who wants to combine a vibrator with the experience of an inflatable dildo.

However, for those looking specifically for G-spot stimulation, you may want to explore other options.

Inflating this toy reduces the intensity of the vibrations, so it does not tickle the G-spot as effectively as other toys might.

4. Extra Girthy Inflatable Silicone G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

This inflatable dildo has 5 inches of available length and the girth ranges from 3.5 inches to 9 inches.

There are four available patterns of vibrations and three different speeds, as well as two bunny ears attached to the shaft which make for excellent clitoral stimulation.

This naughty rabbit brings pleasure in any location, being that it's waterproof.

It’s also made of a smooth silicone material and is shaped with a purpose: to stimulate the g-spot.


  • Perfect size
  • Waterproof
  • Clitoral stimulation
  • G-spot stimulation
  • Multiple vibration options


  • Lube is recommended
  • Bunny ears are slightly rigid
  • Noisy at higher vibration levels 

Bottom Line

The Extra Girthy Inflatable Silicone G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator is an excellent option for those who want to pleasure multiple areas at once.

The girth is a great size for beginners and can inflate large enough for those who are more experienced.

Additionally, the quality of this dildo seems to be average in comparison to other models.

5. Leviathan Giant Inflatable 13 Inch Silicone Dildo

This high quality and life-like inflatable dildo is made of rubber and measures an impressive 14 inches in length with a whopping girth of 4 inches when fully inflated. 

It features a solid core which makes for easier penetration even when in it's deflated state.


  • Solid inner core
  • Well made and reliable
  • Nice texture and material
  • The massive size is very pleasing to recent customers


  • Too big for beginners
  • Difficult to insert without lube

Bottom Line

It seems that the leaky seam is a luck of the draw kind of situation, but those that end up with a properly functioning Master Series Giant Inflatable Dildo have wonderful things to say about the overall quality and function.

The size of this model can be a good or bad preference depending on your experience level.

One thing is clear - this is only for the utmost experienced "size queens" and the extremists love it.

6. The Booty Sweller

The Booty Sweller is geared towards (you guessed it) your backdoor.

It features a curved shaft for prostate stimulation, ridges for added pleasure, measures 1.5 inches wide, 6 inches long, and is capable of almost doubling in size.

Its impressive size is one of the most mentionable characteristics among recent customers.

It truly accomplishes that full feeling that many crave.

The material is latex, so tread gently if you're allergic to latex. This seems to be the biggest downfalls, but others consider this a major turn on.

Recent users mentioned that the hard interior is less than comfortable while the exterior resembles a balloon and does not inflate evenly after penetration has been achieved. 


  • Easy to use
  • Impressive size
  • Achieves a feeling of fullness
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Nice authentic size when deflated


  • Uneven inflation
  • The material is made from latex
  • Some users wish the length were longer

Bottom Line

The Booty Sweller’s impressive size seems to trump competing sub-par models, and the fact that it’s easy to use makes this inflatable dildo great for beginners.

7. Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Backdoor Blaster

This inflatable dildo is explicitly made for anal play, is made from vinyl and features a realistic shape for that real-cock feel.

At 10 ¼ inches long and a girth of up to 2 inches, it’s clear that it’s not for beginners.

While the material could be more comfortable and the head more rigid to assist in penetration, the large size makes for some intense pleasure.

Just be sure to add lube to any experience as it'll make your moments more pleasurable and enjoyable.


  • Large size
  • Perfect for anal
  • Very pleasurable
  • Realistic shape and feel


  • Poor inflation mechanism
  • Difficult to achieve penetration
  • The material is not as comfortable as other models

Bottom Line

Though the material and lack of stiffness makes this cock a bit difficult to insert, the dildo’s large size and realistic qualities keep it in the running to being your next purchase.

The above average size makes this a perfect model for more experienced users and a great addition to your collection.

8. Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Love Log Sex Cushion with Vibrating Dildo

This inflatable dildo is a dildo on top of a cushion made for you to ride into the sunset.

The cushion has handles, measures 18 inches wide, 9 inches tall, can support up to 300 lbs, and is made from vinyl material.

The dildo itself comes with three different life-like sleeves that measure a perfect 2 inches wide and 6-8 inches long and is made from soft and flexible PVC.

The dildo itself is not inflatable, but the cushion you sit on is, making this a perfect toy to bounce and ride.  


  • Durable and strong
  • Well made and dependable
  • Grants users deep penetration
  • Three sleeves to choose from, all featuring penis-shaped tips and textured veins


  • Has the ability to lose air over time
  • The cushion can be tricky to inflate
  • Weak vibration, some users prefer something a little stronger
  • The seat can be a bit awkward to position yourself on during first few uses

Bottom Line

The different sleeves make this an excellent option for anyone looking to spice up their toy box.

If the weak vibration isn't a make it or break it factor for you, then the durability and ability to achieve deep penetration may make this versatile inflatable dildo your new go-to-toy.


The inflatable dildo that you end up choosing is going to depend much on your experience, but we have to say that if you're an average shopper looking for a new adventure - the Extra Girthy Inflatable Silicone G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator wins the cake for the best inflatable rabbit dildo.

Whatever you may choose, we know that it’s not an easy decision and we hope that this article has helped you narrow down the many options of inflatable dildos.

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